Violin and Piano Lessons

My name is Michael Shingo Crawford and I am a classically-trained American violinist, pianist, and composer, offering in-person lessons in Rotterdam, Netherlands and the surrounding area as well as online lessons through Zoom.

I have twenty years of playing experience and have spent the past five years sharing my knowledge through violin and piano lessons to students from ages five to adult.

Additional Information

Violin Lessons

In my teaching, I emphasize efficient, goal-oriented practice, and provide a strong technical foundation while always keeping musicality and expression in mind. I encourage my students to develop problem-solving skills that will ultimately allow them to create their own interpretations about a piece of music. I believe that each student has a different learning style and, with this knowledge, I design a program of study specifically for them.

Learning music is all about tackling technical or musical problems in many different ways until we find an approach that works for you. As multi-instrumentalist who also writes music, I can offer many different perspectives on a single issue and draw from a wide range of knowledge that serves me in my daily creative pursuits.

To get an idea of my teaching and playing style, please take a look at the tutorial videos below.

Piano Lessons

Building a solid technical foundation is central to my teaching, so I begin each lesson with scales, arpeggios and other technical exercises. I couple these with method books and repertoire that apply these techniques in a practical setting and guide each one of my students, even those in the beginning stages, to develop their sense of musicality and expression. I believe that every piece of music has a story behind it, and helping my students realize their own interpretation of the notes on the page is an important part of my job.

Violin lesson teacher and piano lesson teacher Michael Shingo Crawford performs his composition in studio.

My Rates

30 Minutes
$35 | €30
45 Minutes
$50 | €45
60 Minutes
$65 | €60
Netherlands based violinist teaching violin and piano lessons in studio.

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Violinist and pianist and teacher of violin and piano lessons and classes at school Michael Shingo Crawford.