Hire a Wedding Violinist in the Netherlands

Are you interested in hiring a violinist for your wedding in the Netherlands? I am a Rotterdam-based wedding violinist who performs classical, popular, and anime music in the Netherlands. I perform weddings, proposals, and other special events in cities including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag (The Hague), Delft, Utrecht, and Leiden. If you would like to hire a violinist to perform at your wedding prelude, ceremony, cocktail hour, or dinner, look no further!

I create an elegant and sophisticated experience for every couple I work with. Available to play during your ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception, I provide an extensive repertoire of songs, from classical arrangements to modern pieces. Happy to accommodate any special requests, I am ready to learn any tune you wish to add that extra level of personalization to your event and bringing joy, whimsy, and elegance to your wedding celebration.

My goal as a wedding violinist is to contribute a tailored musical selection for every event. As a performer, composer, and arranger, I am able to meet the needs of a wide range of people holding events in areas including Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Delft, and beyond. I would love to have the opportunity to collaborate with you in making your event a truly unforgettable experience.

Have a listen to some of my playing and feel free to keep reading to learn more!

Wedding Violinist FAQs

Do you take song requests?

Yes, if you would like to hear a song that is not on my list, feel free to let me know, and I will see if it is possible. Generally, as long as I can locate and purchase sheet music, I will be able to play it.

How do we select songs for our wedding?

Couples will typically select specific songs that they would like to hear during the ceremony and leave the musicians to select appropriate music for the prelude and cocktail hour. Feel free to give me a general direction to go in for these open segments, such as "a mix of popular and classical music", "oldies", or "classical music only." During the ceremony, you can make one selection for the wedding party procession, one song for the bride's procession, and another song for the recessional.

Do you play with backing tracks?

No – for my solo service, I play violin without a backing track. As an arranger, I can be very creative with what’s possible on one violin. To get an idea of what I mean, watch my video here. If you would like accompaniment, you can always ask me to bring a second musician! The ensembles I most commonly perform in are violin and cello duo, violin and harp duo, and violin and piano duo.

Do you have amplification with speakers or other audio equipment?

No, I do not have amplification. However, the acoustic violin projects very well and can be heard in both outdoor and indoor settings even at larger events of 100 people or more. If there are other musicians playing with me, this only increases the projection.

Is prelude music included in the ceremony?

No, prelude music would be extra time, so be sure to let me know how much prelude music you would like!

How long is each part of the ceremony?

Prelude music is typically 15-30 minutes – just long enough to cover the time when people are arriving and being seated. The ceremony usually lasts for around 30 minutes. The cocktail hour is flexible – 1 hour is very common, but shorter and longer times are possible as well.

What kind of weather conditions can you play in?

The ideal playing conditions for me would be clear weather between 13°C-30°C (55°F-85°F). There is some leeway with the temperature and I can still put on a great performance given some preparation. For example, in cold weather, I would dress warmly and use fingerless gloves. If a heater can be provided at the event, it makes my job a lot easier. If there is any precipitation, I will need a covered area to play in, since string instruments are easily damaged by water.

How far are you willing to travel?

I am available to travel to most locations in the Netherlands, and sometimes internationally, depending on type of event. For shorter events (1 hour or less), I usually perform in the Rotterdam, Den Haag, Amsterdam, or Utrecht area that is accessible by public transportation. For longer events or concert bookings, I am able to travel further depending on the compensation. When the travel is lengthy, it’s best if you can have me play for a longer period of time. In any case, get in touch with me to discuss what’s possible!

How do you handle payments?

I accept payment via Tikkie or cash. Other payment methods may be possible upon request.

How do we book you?

For weddings and other larger events, I send a contract which finalizes everything that we have discussed. After that’s signed, we are all set.

Need more info before booking a violinist for your wedding in the Netherlands?

Send me details about your wedding and I’ll get back to you with a quote or use the contact form if you have a more general question before booking me as a wedding violinist or other ensemble in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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Wedding Violinist Reviews - Netherlands

Wedding Violinist Ensemble Options

Solo Violin

Solo violin is a beautiful option for everything from the most intimate gatherings to larger weddings with over 100 people. As a versatile instrument that can play soaring melodies as well as harmonies at the same time, it has a wide-ranging repertoire and allows the musician great freedom to express his individual sound and playing style.

Violinist performs romantic songs at a wedding cocktail hour and reception in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Violin and Cello Duo

As members of the bowed string instrument family, the violin and cello complement each other perfectly in sound. With the violin taking the melody and the cello playing the bass line, this expressive and dynamic duo can perform just about any song.

Violin and Harp Duo

The harp brings a magical and mesmerizing quality to the music with its sweeping glissadi and sweet timbre. When combined with the expressive melodic qualities of the violin, the resulting ensemble is irresistible.

harpist and violinist perform at a wedding in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Violin and Piano Duo

A classic combination with a long history and expansive repertoire, the violin and piano duo often produces the most faithful renditions of the original music, whether it be rock, pop, or classical. Thanks to the piano's orchestral-scale range and ability to play multiple parts at the same time, this duo often captures all of the parts of the original song in spectacular fashion.

Violin and piano duo performing classical and romantic music at a recital and concert with reception.